If you're frustrated because you never really want sex and you know your marriage is suffering, think of me like your big sister.

(you know, your biggest cheerleader that you tell your secrets to and who always has all the answers for everything. Plus she can always make you laugh even when you feel like giving up.)


as I show you how you can move your marriage from BLAH to Blazing, just by understanding how your brain, body, and relationship all work together to impact your libido!

Hear what others had to say:

"There is nothing wrong with me!"

by Letha A., mom of three

I hesitated until late last night to purchase your “Boost your Libido” course. I kept feeling this nagging tug that I needed to go through it. I just watched the first module video… tears flooding down my face – “There is nothing wrong with me!” I want to scream it out loud! Excited and a bit nervous to continue. But determined for my husband, myself and our marriage.

"I am so encouraged"


I am, now, in the process of allowing the Lord to make new those areas that had been in the dark for so long. He is revealing so much through this program that you have put together. So I would just like to say, thank you. You really have a gift! I am so encouraged by the fruit that [my husband] and I have already seen and am excited for the fruit that is to come.

Boost Your Libido will teach you:

  • How what we think impacts our libido

  • How our hormones, diet and exercise impact our libido

  • How to love our bodies–so that we can enjoy them!

  • How to get over past hurts and see sex as a good thing

  • And what to do if sex is just kinda boring. Or doesn’t feel that great. Or really doesn’t rev your engines!

Each module in this course has:

  • A funny and informative video

  • A “fact sheet” to help you learn about different aspects of libido

  • Links to tons of extra resources so you can learn more about each subject

  • A brainstorming exercise to start changing your perspective immediately

  • An exercise to do to start turning the heat up!

Before we got married over thirty years ago, I assumed I would always be rarin' to go when it came to sex!

Why would I not want something that would be so awesome?

But within a few months we were really struggling. I had so much baggage that I brought into marriage, and I found sex to be awkward, unpleasant, and not all that fun.

Worst of all, he wanted it all the time. And the more he wanted sex, the more I felt like he only loved me for what I could do for him, and not for me.

We went through a few tough years of marriage, until I finally made a realization:

If God made sex to be awesome, and everyone else seems to think sex is awesome, then why in the world would I settle for less?

And so started a huge research project into this thing called sex–so that I could learn to not just think “we can if you want to”, but “Hey, baby, let’s have some fun!”



We have been married 25 years and I am not sure that I ever saw sex as hot and holy at the same time. It was life changing for me to allow myself to think about sex with my husband and to look forward to it! And it was amazing to think, “I can enjoy it” and “feeling pleasure is a good thing that God even wants me to enjoy in my marriage”! I am working through your course and can see a number of lies I have mistakenly believed for a LONG time. How refreshing to talk about these important topics in a safe and Godly way. And it has opened up conversations between me and my husband we should have had years ago.

Here's what you'll learn in Boost Your Libido:

    1. Welcome to the Boost Your Libido course!

    2. Welcome to Boost Your Libido!

    3. Download Your Printable Workbook Now!

    1. Module 1 Intro

    2. Video: What is Libido?

    3. Text: What is Libido?

    4. Video: Brakes and Accelerators

    5. Brakes and Accelerators

    6. Module 1 Fact Sheet: What You Need to Know About Libido

    7. Module 1 Exercise and Brainstorming Prompt

    8. Extra Resources

    1. Module 2 Intro

    2. Video: What Do You THINK About Sex?

    3. Text: What Do You THINK About Sex?

    4. Module 2 Fact Sheet: Truths God Says About Sex

    5. Module 2 Exercise and Brainstorming Prompts: Combatting Lies about Sex with Truth!

    6. Extra Resources

    1. Module 3 Intro

    2. Video: When Sex Doesn't Feel That Great

    3. Text: When Sex Doesn't Feel That Great

    4. Module 3 Exercise and Brainstorming Prompts: Giving Yourself Something to Look Forward To!

    5. Extra Resources

    1. Module 4 Intro

    2. Video: Why Multi-Tasking Hurts Libido

    3. Text: Why Multi-Tasking Hurts Libido

    4. Video: Mental Load and Libido

    5. Text: Mental Load and Libido

    6. Module 4 Fact Sheet: All About Mental Load

    7. Module 4 Exercise and Brainstorming Prompts: Making Life Less Overwhelming

    8. Extra Resources

    1. Module 5 Intro

    2. Video: Don't Overthink It!

    3. Text: Don't Overthink It!

    4. Video: Maximizers vs Satisficers

    5. Lesson: Maximizers vs Satisficers

    6. Module 5 Exercise and Brainstorming Prompt: Get Your Head in the Game!

    7. Extra Resources

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