Course curriculum

    1. So you feel called to speak!

    2. Listen In: Avoid My Early Mistakes!

    1. Debunking the Speaking Myth: What is the Role of a Speaker?

    2. Watch: Why speaking and teaching are different

    3. Avoiding a Common Early Mistake: Focus on the Heart, Not on Expertise

    4. Watch: Why Telling Your Story Matters

    5. Listen: Why We Speak--and how we connect with people!

    6. What Is Your Story?

    7. Listen: Know Your Story

    8. Worksheet: Fleshing Out My Story

    1. Who Will You Speak To? Defining Your Niche

    2. Listen: Know Your Niche!

    3. Worksheet: Discovering My Niche

    4. Planning My Signature Talk Topic

    5. Worksheet: Plan My Topic--for My Niche!

    6. Our Talk Skeleton

    7. Part 1: Comfort

    8. Part 2: Discomfort

    9. Part 3: Authority

    10. Part 4: Relate

    11. Part 5: Convict

    12. Part 6: Inspire

    13. Listen: Example of an Inspire Section

    14. Listen: 2 Different Options for Ending Your Talk

    15. Ending Option 1: The Personal Prayer Model

    16. Ending Option 2: Group Discussions

    17. Sample: Discussion Questions Handout

    18. Listen: What if your audience isn't Christian?

    19. Worksheet: Skeleton for Crafting My Signature Talk

    1. Listen: Why Word of Mouth Matters

    2. Preparing for Growth Before You Start

    3. Get Your Website Up and Running

    4. Listen: Set up a Website (with video!)

    5. Checklist: Launching a Professional Website

    6. Listen: If I Have a Blog, Do I Need a Speaking Website, Too?

    7. Print Some Business Cards

    8. Checklist: Business Cards

    9. Launch a Newsletter

    10. Listen: Set up a Newsletter (with video!)

    11. Get Ready to Record Yourself

    1. Listen: Where Do You Find Groups Who May Want You to Speak?

    2. Find Your First Places to Speak

    3. Listen: Consider Smaller Groups Your Period of Training

    4. How to Ask Your Friends for Help

    1. Get Good!

    2. How to Wow People Right from the Start!

    3. Beware of Filler Words

    4. Be Mindful of Your Appearance

    5. Listen: Where Can You Find Anecdotes?

    6. Listen: Example of Finding an Anecdote from Real Life

    7. Practice Your Delivery

    8. Listen: Practice Delivering Your Anecdotes

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