Frustrated that you just can't reach orgasm?

Wondering why sex is great for everyone else–but you’re always left wondering, “is that all there is?”

The Orgasm Course is here to help you unlock what’s holding you back, open the floodgates to arousal, and teach you how to go over the edge!

You're not broken.

Discover what sex is supposed to be.

What if you didn’t have to settle for bad sex? What if you could actually figure out what all the fuss was about?

Despite what you may feel every time sex ends badly (yet again), you are not broken.

You can unlock Orgasm. And this course will show you how.

The Orgasm Course helps you overcome your roadblocks to pleasure–and helps you unlock orgasm!

Like you, I grew up being told that sex would make my toes curl. It was the most awesome part of marriage! But sex was a huge let-down. It was awkward. It felt invasive. And I couldn’t figure out why it was supposed to feel good.

I wasn’t alone–and neither are you!

And so I want to ask you to think about two numbers:

48 and 33.

In our recent survey of 20,000 married women, we asked women how often they reached orgasm.

When they had sex, 48% orgasmed almost always or always. But 33% orgasmed sporadically or never at all. 

Are you in the 33%–but want to be in the 48%?

Here’s some good news!

First, you aren’t alone. If you have trouble reaching orgasm, just know--lots of other women do, too.

But the next point is actually the more important one.

Those 48%? They didn’t necessarily start out marriage that way. In fact, a lot of them were once in that 33% category, too!

Maybe your story sounds like one of these:

Charlotte--26 years to orgasm.

It took Charlotte 26 years to figure out the orgasm piece in her marriage! But today, she and her husband have tons of fun. And she was the one who persuaded me to do this course–and pointed me to great resources to research for it!

Natalie--8 years to orgasm during intercourse

Natalie, part of our focus groups for our recent survey, was married for 6 years before her first orgasm with a vibrator. After two years of learning more about orgasm and marriage, she was finally able to reach orgasm without one–during intercourse with her husband!

Sandra--18 years to sexual freedom

After suffering with vaginismus (sexual pain) in her marriage, Sandra feared sex would never feel good, even with physiotherapy. But when she started deconstructing the things she believed about sex, and embracing her own sexuality, suddenly the floodgates opened!

You don’t have to wait 8 years, 18 years, or 26 years to finally figure out why everyone else loves sex so much.

But even if it’s been a long time, The Orgasm Course can help you discover arousal and learn why orgasm has been elusive–and how to finally get everything to click!

I asked you to think about 2 numbers. Now I want you to think about 3 words:

Mutual. Pleasurable. Intimate.

That’s what sex is supposed to be.

But for so many of us, at least one of those words is missing. And often when one of those elements is missing–then, like dominoes, all the others fall, too.

The Orgasm Course helps you figure out what’s holding you back, whether it’s sexual technique, elements of your relationship, or what you think about sex.

In fact, what we’ve found is that the #1 roadblock for many women is that our definition of sex doesn’t even include our experience.

Yep. Even if you don’t realize it, you may not think you have the right to pleasure. The ability to feel pleasure. Or the confidence to have your pleasure matter as much as his.

And once we’ve identified your roadblocks–we help you demolish them, once and for all!

What's in The Orgasm Course?

    1. Hi, I'm Sheila! Welcome to the course!

    2. How to Use Thinkific

    3. Download Your Workbook

    4. Exercise: How Do You Feel About Sex?

    5. Before we begin...

    1. Module 1: Let's Start with the Basics

    2. What is an orgasm, anyway?

    3. How to Work WITH Your Body, Not AGAINST It

    4. EXTRA VIDEO: What if You've Been Faking it For So Long?

    5. Module 1 Lessons

    6. Module 1 Exercises

    1. Module 2: Geting Excited!

    2. What's Turning You Off?

    3. THE SPIRITUAL STREAM: What We Believe About Sex

    4. EXERCISE: How are your beliefs affecting your sexuality?

    5. The PHYSICAL Stream: Are you equipping your body for great sex?

    6. EXERCISE: Do you enjoy your physical self?

    7. THE EMOTIONAL STREAM: Are your needs being met?

    8. EXERCISE: Emotional and Relational Health

    9. EXERCISE: Creating an Action Plan

    10. EXTRA VIDEO: What If I'm Not Attracted to My Husband?

    11. EXTRA VIDEO: What if My Marriage Doesn't Feel Safe?

    12. Module 2 Lessons

    1. Module 3: Getting Hot and Heavy

    2. Opening the Floodgates

    3. Setting The Scene For Great Sex

    4. Module 3 Lesson

    5. EXERCISES: Re-discovering Passion for Life

    6. Download: Worksheets and Activity Guides for Couples

    1. Module 4: Fireworks!

    2. Arousal: The Most Important (And often Missing!) Piece

    3. EXERCISES: Discovering Arousal, Exploring Erogenous Zones, and Reawakening Desire!

    4. Orgasm: Finally Going Over the Edge

    5. EXERCISE: Bringing Yourself to Orgasm

    6. Letting it Build

    7. EXERCISE: Teaching Him How to Touch You

    8. EXTRA VIDEO: What if I Can Only Orgasm to a Vibrator?

    9. Module 4 Lessons

    1. Intro to Orgasming During Intercourse

    2. EXERCISES: Finding the Right Positions for Your Orgasm!

    3. Planning for fireworks!

    4. Module 5 Lessons

About this course

  • $49.00
  • 44 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

The Orgasm Course is a 5-Step Go-Over-the-Edge and Reach the Big-O Plan!

We teach you to:

  1. Uncover your unique roadblocks to arousal and orgasm
  2. Discover your big “turn ons”
  3. Open the floodgates to arousal–and learn how your body works
  4. Learn how to reach orgasm
  5. Learn the sexual techniques involved in reaching orgasm during intercourse!


The informative videos, lessons and activities are all designed to help you:

  • Learn about physiology–what areas most arouse a woman; how to vary the touch based on the arousal cycle; and where and how NOT to touch, too!
  • Pinpoint the biggest roadblock that holds women back–and stops men from understanding what women need, too
  • Uncover what else may be preventing you specifically from being able to just let go
  • Identify with one of our 5 characters who are having trouble with orgasm, so that you can more easily put your blocks in context (and make them not-so-scary, too!)
  • Increase the mind-body connection so that you stop seeing your body as the enemy–and you learn to listen to your body instead.

Plus you’ll get:

  • Detailed tips and exercises to enhance physical technique and help you ride the wave to orgasm
  • Validation that the mental blocks that may have prevented orgasm are not your fault–but they’re also not permanent.
  • Relief that this isn’t something you caused–but it is something you can fix.

Maybe you get a little bit aroused–but then the arousal just stops. Maybe you get a LOT aroused–but you can never get over the edge. We’ve figured out what all-too-often stops pleasure in women–and we’ll help you unlock it instead!

Seriously–you’re not broken. You were made for this!